Gore Ninja – At last!

What happens when two game developers spend their spare time during the week and occasional weekends pouring their hearts into a game they love over the course of nine months while still maintaining full time jobs, social interactions with real humans, and general sanity?

The answer: GORE NINJA!

Gore Ninja is Fancy Octopus’ first foray into video game territory as a company. It is about %60 complete and coming along as swimmingly as anyone can expect. Currently we are shooting for an early 2011 release (assuming life doesn’t get in the way, again) for the iPhone and iPad. There is a (very rough) video up at our Kickstarter page where we are also raising funds for desperately needed new hardware. You can see lots of art from the game and show your support by clicking HERE!!!!!!!!!

In simplest terms the game would fall into the category of “runner” in terms of player control. We at Fancy Octopus absolutely despise on-screen buttons because of the lack of any tactile feedback, accompanied with fat fingers blocking the on-screen action. When we first played Canabalt it was like a “eureka” moment, like I imagine many developers felt the same way when they played Quake or Doom oh so many years ago. The beauty of this method of play is that it retains the feeling and intensity of an action platformer, but removes the functionality which only gets muddied without a good set of tactile buttons to control a character.

We put a strong emphasis on creating top-notch visuals for both the background and character art. Each character is hand animated and drawn on paper before being brought back into the computer for digital ink and paint. The backgrounds are taking a very non-traditional approach to most current 2-d games on the platform because of the sheer number of our layers of parallax and hand painted quality by our good friend Chris Drysdale. Over the coming weeks we will slowly reveal more art as it is ready for public consumption.

We also designed the art in such a way that a player can hold their device the same as they might hold a game controller, with their thumbs comfortably sitting under the action without your thumbs blocking the action (unless you have long press-on nails. Sorry ladies!)

We recently put Gore Ninja up on Kickstarter.com so that we could raise funds to help ensure the game gets done sooner rather than later. We are in need of new computers and target hardware, and rather than going to a greedy bank for a loan we decided to ask potential fans to open their hearts and take a chance on our project. There you can see a (rough) video of the pre-alpha version of the game in action (although the compression of the video really doesn’t do the graphics justice; it must be seen on the iPhone to be believed.)

In the coming weeks we will be updating our site with more news, art, story, and the design philosophy of Gore Ninja.

In the meantime please share this post with everyone you know so the world may know of our game and experience a great big win-win!


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Has it really been almost 3 weeks since my last update? Time flies when you are working your mantle off (look it up, perverts, it’s part of my anatomy.) Well in that time we have made stupendous progress on our secret project, and have a glimpse of the background art which will grace the color screen.

The background art is being created by Chris Drysdale, an amazing artist with a penchant for beautiful environment paintings. There isn’t anyone more appropriate to be handling the work and I highly encourage everyone to view his other work at http://chrisdrysdale.com/

Remember to keep checking back in the coming weeks as we get closer and closer to finishing this amazing endeavor and reveal more glimpses into our new work!

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