About Us

Fancy Octopus Productions is an independent developer of video games and digital applications, run by an imaginary octopus named Orson.

Our mission is to independently self-fund and develop fun, interactive products without the needless intervention of deep pockets and shallow opinions;  We make what we want, when we want.  Our first focus is on creating video games, but we also enjoy dabbling in the creation of the occasional funny application.  We strive to make products that entertain and delight our audience without taking advantage of their goodwill or pocketbook.  We make products that we would want to buy, because we are gamers ourselves and feel that if we can’t have fun playing with our own products, then no one else will.

The core development team is comprised of co-founders Alistair and Dudley, the Creative Director and Technical Director, respectively, with enough combined years in the video game business to make any teenage fanboy incredibly jealous.

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