Bad Calculator

Gorgeous, right?

Bad Calculator is the first product developed by us, and was released to the iTunes store on June 8, 2010.  It is a universal app (it can run on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) because we are awesome like that and don’t feel it necessary to shower ourselves in more money than what will get our naked bodies clean (assuming the money is properly sanitized first.)

In a nutshell,  it is the brainchild of a simple concept: what if you had a calculator which never gave you the correct answer?  Well, this is that calculator.  A simple premise, and really made on a whim to entertain and delight.  If we could sell it for less than $1, we would, but we have bills to pay so money has to come in somehow.

Bad Calculator is primarily a prank app. It is not the greatest app ever invented. It is not a defining moment in the history human culture. It will not change the world. But, how many calculators actually spell the word “Boobs” when you type in 58008?

Ours does.

General information about the app below:

Tired of calculators giving you the right answers all the time? Sick of your spouse calculating too small of a tip, leading to the waiting staff spitting in your food on subsequent visits? Wish you could convince your friends you owe them less money than you do? Need to find the sum of 451 and 256? Well then Bad Calculator is the app for you!

The normal “memory” buttons have been replaced with “r”, “r+”, and “r-” modes (and who knew what those silly M buttons did anyway? No one, that’s who!) Instead you are given three modes at your disposal.

– “r” Regular mode –
Never get a right answer. Try and see how crazy wrong of an answer you can get!

– “r+” “r-” Roguish Modes –
The answer will always be greater than, or less than, the actual answer. And the answer will always be enough within the realm of possibility to fool your friends.

And there is even a “good” mode. Simply double tap the answer window to covertly engage toggle the mode on and off to get correct answers. A great secret to have in a jam.

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