Teaser of our new product!

Good day fellow fancyopods.  I come bearing good news and a teaser preview of what is to come here in the weeks ahead.  Thanks to the success of Bad Calculator, along with many sleepless nights full of caffeine and elbow grease, we are hot on the heels of releasing our first game to be released on the iPhone.

It has always been our goal to develop a game for the platform, and we felt so passionately about this game that we dropped everything else and devoted 100% of our time to making it.  We are working diligently to make every facet amazing, such as the visuals:

All of the characters featured in this new game will be drawn by hand and digitally inked.  This process is producing some impressive results that look simply amazing on the iPhone, and we are excited to share it with all the fans real soon.

More to come in the weeks ahead.

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